We were inspired by ThingSpace and Mapquest and the power of managing traffic with A.I. we decided to combine this technology with Clarifai's image recognition API and Autonomous vehicles to create a new style of business. We built (Valet) with the ability to sell its parking space to other drivers. So owners of Autonomous vehicles can make money from their very special cars.

What it does uses a combination of image recognition from Clarifai, Thingspace and Location Services from Mapquest to allow users of to bid on local parking spaces that are occupied by Autonomous Vehicles. The highest bidder is automatically alerted of their winning bid and the Autonomous vehicle lets the driver know where it is. When the winning bidder arrives, Clarifai's image recognition software tells the car that the right person has arrived. At which point the Autonomous Vehicle drives away and finds another spot to park-in and potentially sell to another bidder.

How we built it

Clarifai, Verizon Thingspace, Mapquest, HTTP, JavaScript, JQuery, Geolocation, HTML5, CSS3

Challenges we ran into

It was a very short amount of time to build software.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think we've come up with a clever way to make money from Autonomous vehicels. Best of all, we managed to complete our goals in the allotted time.

What we learned

Verizon Thingspace and Clarifai add very powerful capabilities to an app with simple HTTP calls

What's next for

We think that this business could allow autonomous car owners to make money from their car when they are not using it. Also, it inspires users who do not have autonomous cars to think about buying an autonomous car for themselves.

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