We identified a huge problem: monetization for websites is quite hard today. People are using adblockers to get rid of these distracting and attention seeking ads, the popups of our time. Only a few per mille even click on them. Ads are mostly standing between the user and his needs...

What it does

Vaid replaces the traditional banner ads with a small widget that uses the processing power of the user during the session. It uses blockchain technology to calculate hashes via a distributed multithreaded network ;-)

How we built it

Using sweat, tears and a couple beers ;-) The web app is built using nodejs in the backend to serve the web content and act as a web socket server. VAID is integrated via script and replaces all ads with an opt-out possibility for the user to disable ads and enable monetization via VAID. If VAID is enabled it works it’s magic as a web worker in a background thread(s) and doesn’t interfere with the user's browser experience. Much unlike traditional banner ads. Each web worker computes hashes for our own exemplary implementation of a blockchain implemented with plain JavaScript. We implemented a simple optimization strategy to distribute the computation of the nonce for the hash via all connected clients. The communication between the server and all the clients is real-time and controlled via web sockets.

Challenges we ran into

Making this idea feasible, understanding the whole blockchain thing and knowing where to start with was not that easy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is up and running

What we learned

A lot

What's next for VAID

We're just curious about your feedback...

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