What it does

Vagabond gives you a list of tags and you have to take pictures to match the tags to get the highest score amongst your friends. Let Vagabond take you to new places to see spectacular sights. Show off your photography skills and also your creativity. Enhance your vocabulary as you go looking for cool words.

How We built it

We used Xcode to design and create the Vagabond. Multiple iOS frameworks were used and the Clarifai API was instrumental for the image recognition aspect of Vagabond.

Challenges we ran into

Pretty much everything.

How we overcame it

By messing up our sleep cycle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We tried our best to expose ourselves to as many APIs from our sponsors, and now we can take home some knowledge and experience in them even though we ended up not using all of them.

What we learned

  • How to make an iPhone App
  • How to use the Clarifai API (LPT: Don't include the curly braces when sending the access token)
  • How to make Swift-Objective-C bridge headers
  • How to use Firebase
  • How to use Microsoft Azure
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