With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, doctors, nurses, EMP, and all other healthcare workers go the extra mile to help minimize contraction and keep our community safe. Not only do they put in the time, but they risk their lives everyday. This is why we want to incorporate more automation into their lives, so less time is wasted, and we are provided with a safer way to interact at a distance when possible.

What it Offers

Our webapp, VADA (Video Assisted Doctor Appointments), allows patients to interact with a Voiceflow chatbot to troubleshoot any symptoms they may have. With the use of the Dropbase API, your responses will recorded in a database for the doctor to view. Based on the responses you give, the chatbox will determine whether you require an appointment or you may request for one manually. If an appointment gets confirmed, you are able to access a 1 on 1 video call hosted by Vonage's video API. During the call, doctors are able to access your profile to see recorded responses from the database, where they can make changes throughout the session.

How we built VADA

Vada uses a variety of technical solutions to present an innovative take on creating Patient-Doctor appointments/interviews. We utilize Voiceflow for our automated chatbot system which is integrated with Google Assistant Programs. The data received from the chatbot is stored in an excel file which uses Dropbase to store into a database. This data is fetched using REST API Methods, and utilized to publish on a website/chat area or a physical document of some sort. The website is created using React JS, HTML, and CSS

Challenges we ran into

Trying to get multiple API's working smoothly together is quite difficult with only a basic understanding. A few challenges we faced as a team was getting used to the different software's, and formatting. A couple of us had HackTheNorth as their first hackathon so it was about getting used to the environment. We did not have much experience with the some of the sponsored software's (Dropbase, Voiceflow, CockroachDb), which put our team at a slight disadvantage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We at VADA, are proud to create a communicating environment that allows patients and doctors to remotely have consulting sessions even during quarantine. We understand being locked up in your house is hard, and when you require medical assistance, it becomes immensely difficult, and so creating a solution to this problem at such a prestige competition is definitely no small feat. As a team, we stand by our product, and are thankful for such a hard, dedicated team of individuals.

What We learned

As a team, we learnt how to integrate API's, and frameworks together to create something innovative which would benefit society during such hard times with Covid-19 Pandemic.

What's next for VADA

VADA does not want to limit our services for Covid-19, as a matter of fact, there are many instances in the world where meeting up with your doctor or physician is not possible. As a result, we want to allow services for all type's of patient-doctor, doctor-doctor, patient-consultant meetings and continue to grow from there.

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