Many of our parents have misplaced the yellow card that keeps track of our immunization record, making our vaccination history a mystery. We wanted to develop an easier and more convenient method to manage immunization records in a modern world.

What it does

VacTrack allows families to add vaccination data about each family member in one app and stores it in a secure database, making past and future vaccinations easier to manage.

How we built it

Built using React Native and Firebase

What we learned

None of us had previous experience in app development, so learned a lot about using React Native to develop mobile applications and UI, as well as using Firebase for our backend to integrate a database and login authentication. We learned more about using Git and Github to collaboratively work on the project, although it was quite challenging since we were fairly new to it.

During the brainstorming and consulting period, we also learned more about how health care changes are implemented in reality, along with the process and legislations that it encompasses.

What's next for VacTrack

In our prototype, we had users manually add vaccination data to each family member. Our intent for future development would be to have physicians update their patient's profile as soon as the vaccine has been administered, so that it is authentic and securely added to the database. The users would then only be allowed to view their past and future vaccinations, making the documentation process more efficient for both the users and the physicians.

Other features to implement

We had a variety of features that we planned at the beginning, but we were only able to complete the basic features considering our limited previous experience, knowledge, and time. In the future, we hope to add the following features:

  • Allowing physicians to add vaccinations for their patients for more authentication and security (making sure the vaccinations are valid/preventing false documentation)
  • Adding the option to scan health cards and add profile photos
  • Notifying users about their upcoming vaccinations
  • Updating vaccination data into the database
  • Login/signup authentication
  • Vaccination API (dropdown/search list) for physicians
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