Vachak is a Sanskrit word meaning "express yourself". The idea is to express your thoughts on something which you haven't done intentionally. Say, for example, your actions hurt a person and that person doesn't understand the reason behind your actions. You, on the other hand, want to share the rationale but due to some unavoidable reasons, you fail to do so. We bring you a platform to share your thoughts and it will be released only when you are no more in this world. It is somehow your autobiography which you will be narrating in text or audio or video.

Our idea to bring the community to feel better. Give people reasons to understand that their near ones feel connected to them after their death. Give community chance to understand other people better. People are always reluctant in sharing things that they have done and moreover sharing the reasons behind them. We want people to through away their guilt and share their thoughts on our platform without fear.

This has been a common problem around the world. People are connected on the social platform but disconnected from emotions. We believe that through this platform, people can fight from depression since the route to share their thoughts are made clear and easy. Even if we overcome at least one such case, we will consider it a success.

We have created a small demonstration in react to express yourself. There are so many things which you are not able to share directly to a person or a community -what you feel for them. We request you to watch this video for a better understanding of our idea. We have ideas for the community to give them better satisfaction in their lives before they die in peace. We have included facebook logo as we want this feature to connect the community, Facebook has great security and the great user base who will be willing to use this platform.

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