As vaccines roll out in America after an unprecedented push in research and development, many have questions about the effectiveness and safety of the coronavirus vaccine, a source of hesitancy when we need decisive action in order to end this pandemic.

What it does

We seek to build trust and confidence among communities from within, by asking our friends, neighbors, and trusted figures to tell others about their experiences with the vaccine or pledge to take the vaccine. This takes place on already established social media platforms, where the networks already exist and where our idea will have a global reach.

How we built it

Vaccinetrust is built as a third-party application to Facebook, using it's Facebook Login API to access which friends have taken or pledge to take the vaccine, and asks them to share on social media so that their friends may be encouraged to get vaccinated. Our application was built using React, Node.js, and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge that resulted in a delay of some of our app functionality such that we can't demonstrate it within the timeframe of TAMUhack is Facebook App Review. Considering the API permissions our app requires (user_friends and pages_manage_posts), we will need to become a verified Individual or Business in order to achieve the intended functionality (Individual Verification is temporarily paused by Facebook due to coronavirus).

In addition, we attempted to use firebase authentication as a way of mocking a facebook log-in, however, we did not have enough time to make a working implementation.

Lastly, We considered using a microservice architecture with a Python module used for scrapping vaccine figures from the CDC and the React App displaying a graph. (This can be seen on our initial design sketch in the gallery page above). We did not

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be working towards social impact and towards ending the coronavirus pandemic through the use of technology, innovation, and creativity.

What we learned

It will take additional time to fully realize Vaccinetrust's vision, as not every obstacle is solvable through programming and debugging.

What's next for Vaccinetrust

Vaccinetrust is seeking to make a difference by working with influencers who will boost our application to a large audience.

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