In a country with huge population such as India it is very easy to misguide people, only recently the Vaccination Drive began in the country where certain hospitals in each state are offering vaccines to the general public. The issue that arises now is how easily unauthentic hospitals or individuals can claim they have the vaccine and can scam people in masses. By the use of this application, users can search for hospitals or vaccine centers in their state and the vaccine that they have and save time, efforts and even being misguided/scammed. The list of hospitals would be from a trusted Govt site.

What it does

It searches and lists the hospitals or Vaccine Centers in the state the user enters.

How we built it

Currently I have designed a Figma demo for this hackathon but I am learning on developing it's Android prototype with a real database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It has been my first time that I used an application like Figma and delved into the UI/UX game. I am also very excited on learning Android and building this project, it has a lot of intricate parts like database and etc which took me some time to understand and learn from online tutorials and so I've learned a lot!

What's next for VaccineSearch

I really hope to launch this android application soon and hope to make changes in it to cater to other countries as well since it is not only India where the vaccination drive has begun!!

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