Since the COVID vaccines are widely available in the U.S., both national and state governments have issued very creative yet controversial measures that encourage us to get vaccinated. Curious about the public acceptance of vaccine incentives, our group decided to mine and analyze the Twitter feeds on this topic. The results show that the effectiveness of such campaign varies by state.

Particularly, New York City (free burgers), California (cash prizes), and New Jersey (free alcohol drinks) feel more positive about their vaccine incentives than Ohio (1 million lottery) and West Virginia (guns).

What it does

  1. scraped the Tweets that reply to official announcements on vaccine rewards

  2. feed cleaned texts into a Natural Language Processing tool for sentiment and opinion analysis as well as taxonomy classification (behavior and emotional)

  3. visually displayed the sentiment score distribution, unique emotional traits with their frequencies, and behavior traits with their frequencies

  4. the user can look up these results by state name. note: we only included a few most characteristics states, not all states are available for scraping because there are simply not enough tweets on the topic. For example, even though TX and FL have high vaccination rates, they do not have any special incentives.

How we built it

Web scraping: selenium and chrome driver

Natural Language Processing: client package in Python, cloud version (see here)

Web application: flask

Challenges we ran into

  1. display a word cloud for each state

  2. change visual output based on drop down menu selection

  3. install chrome driver on different computers

see more here

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. successfully scraped Tweet replies from Twitter

  2. integrate natural language processing workflow with a web application

  3. generate decent visuals on the website

What's next for Vaccine Sentiment

Incorporate all states on the website.

References and Learn more about vaccination situation in U.S.

vaccination rate by state

compare state in vaccine campaign

vaccination incentive summarized by state

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