COVID-19 vaccines are not easily accessible, particularly to high-risk & vulnerable populations such as elders, healthcare workers, non-English speakers, and rural communities.

On the other hand, Wall Street Journey recently reported that each state introduced its own priority criteria and handled pandemic differently. In fact, the U.S. rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, managed individually by states instead of the federal government, has been largely uneven and confusing to many seeking the vaccines.

What it does

We seek to provide an accessible, accurate, and scalable platform to improve the provider-patient healthcare experience using adaptable technologies.

How we built it

We developed an IOS mobile app using Swift frameworks and APIs intertwined with Google Cloud technologies based on Google Map API for IOS and Google Mobile Services (GMS) to qualified patients with the nearest testing centers, which contains four major features:

  • Multilingual Questionnaire
  • Audiovisual media
  • Real-time positioning
  • Nearby COVID-19 testing sites

Challenges we ran into

As a group of new programmers to Swift and App Dev, we ran into a handful of challenges, including UI/UX design, iOS framework incorporation, Google Cloud API deployment, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we've managed to overcome the challenges we've been through and eventually accomplish our goals to offer accessible treatments, formulate pre-qualification tools, and perform convenient healthcare technologies.

What we learned

We learned to code using distinctive programming languages and development environments without prior experience. We strengthen our conceptual and hands-on experience through learning-by-doing, we leveraged the power of technical documentation to increase our informational skills.

What's next for Vaccine Finder

We are happy to add more influential updates for Vaccine Finder, promote the mobile app's quality, and append more unique features such as AR facial recognition.

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