The Pandemic-Covid 19 is affecting the world severely. Due to lack of proper medication , the Death Rate is increasing. This can be tackled effectively once the COVID-19 vaccine is ready to use but in distribution of vaccines on such a large scale we will face many difficulties and to make this whole process very efficient, easy, trust-worthy, and corruption-free we tried to build our solution the vaccine distributor.


Our solution is:- central authority will distribute vaccines directly from production centers to the states and then states will distribute vaccines to the respective hospitals on the basis of mild and serious cases uploaded by them, with the use of a very efficient algorithm that makes it very efficient. Also we can see that vaccines are distributed to the real patients or not. This will also reduce the chain of delivery, so the time of delivery will also be reduced, it will reduce the cost as well. we reduce the various layers from the system and also make corruption free. Security is guaranteed as logins can be tracked.

How I built it

We built the vaccine distributor which efficiently distributes vaccines according to mild and serious cases with weightage of 35% and 65% respectively. We built a frontend with html5, css3, JavaScript , ejs and backend with node.js. The database is built with MongodB. We create an efficient mathematical algorithm which distributes vaccines .

Challenges I ran into

It was really a challenging task for us to transform our idea into reality. We faced a lot of technical problems in building our project. It required a lot of patience and practice to build and make our project running. Defining a correct and efficient Algorithm that ensured proper distribution of vaccines to different sectors-35% to mild cases and 65% to severe cases was also a tedious task to work upon

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really proud that we have built a solution to the problems of people in this critical pandemic era. We are really happy that our hard-work will serve the patients of Corona and will bring smiles on the faces of people leading to a happier world.

What I learned

We came to know more about the problems that people are facing during the pandemic and how to tackle them. We learned various new technologies like EJS , Node.js. We learned framing algorithms and implementing them in real situations, learned how we can develop solutions to practical and real life problems.


We will add graphs and heat maps which will help to track the vaccine easily.

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