Great ideas work only if they are tried hands on. Our project gives a basic flow of vaccine distribution.

What it does

The Vaccination Management System, is a scalable solution allowing for the supply administration, procurement, and ultimately administering of, vaccines to citizens. Our solution focuses on four micro-journeys. Product catalogue management, procurement, distribution, and vaccination administration. These journeys work together to create reliable and transparent end-to-end vaccination management.

How we built it

The process of building this solution was truly a team effort. By following the scrum framework, we were able to stay aligned through daily stand-ups, planning sessions, refinements, and reviews at the end of our weekly sprints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the solution we built in how we hope it can contribute to society. We tried to build our solution as flexible and scalable as possible, allowing for implementation for an individual health care center or a wider implementation through a governmental agency. We are proud that we could use our experience to build a solution that could benefit humanity and contribute to a better tomorrow.

What we learned

What we learned is the enormous complexity surrounding the vaccine distribution processes.

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