We were inspired by the lack of collective information regarding the vaccination requirements for each country and the detailed description for each of these vaccinations.

What it does

The Vaccination API gets a vaccine information by requiring its name and returns its description, possible side effects, duration, administration, medical consideration (optional), whether it is required in an early age (optional). Also it gets the country requirements by the three lettered country code and returns the vaccinations required by the government, the vaccinations recommended by the government and a travel advise.

How we built it

To create this web app we are running the MERN stack, meaning MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS. We initially built the whole app in NodeJS but then decided that we needed to have a way to show what we had created so the React app is being build and then hosted statically by express. All of this is being hosted on Heroku which hosts the front and backend on the same IP and port. We are also using MongoDB atlas so that our data is backed up and secure.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Vaccines by Diaseases, has been used for the information regarding each vaccination. Travel recommendation data has been used from this site:

Challenges we ran into

It was overall a new concept for our team to create an API using Node.js, Express and MongoDB. Finding the information on vaccinations can be quite tricky so finding good sources which we could rely on for up to date information was important.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think we have created something which will genuinely be useful to the medical industry as it facilitates the creation of other products. These others products could have applications from creation of reminder systems to keep people vaccinations up to date to information apps to try and reduce the spread of disinformation with regard to vaccinations.

What we learned

It was an important lesson in the philosophy of "if it doesn't exist, create it". We started off wanting to build something that would use an API with information about vaccines but found that there were non. Due to this we thought there must be a demand for it somewhere and therefore we could help people be providing this service.

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