The pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected many families, but soon we may have a vaccine. With earlier vaccines comes skepticism and inaccessibility for the less fortunate. We built VACCESS to make vaccine information accessible for everyone.

What it does

VACCESS in its current state allows the user to create an account and take a short survey for after they have received the vaccine. The user can then see a dashboard with COVID-19 resources and a community for them to join (not currently functioning, but the dashboard shows user info.) For the future, our plan for VACCESS is for it to allow the patient to create a detailed profile and then input their location on a map to find the nearest location to get a vaccine. Then once they arrive at the location they would use the mobile app and scan a QR code. Then the app will populate more information, like the vaccine name, location of where it was administered, and information about the patient. They can also take surveys after they get their vaccine to collect data about its side effects.

How we built it

We built the website using HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, Bootstrap/Flask on so we could collaborate. The homepage was built with CSS styling and HTML while the dashboard and log-in used python to authenticate users. The statistics page was originally meant for a python webscraper to send data into a SQL server where it would be then imported into a Google Data Studio file and embedded on the Statistics page. The Assess page was built with Bootstrap components for forms, while the About Us page was also HTML/CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were choosing the platform and language with which to create the web app. At first, we wanted to use Ionic but we were not able to collaborate, and we wanted something that we could all work on at the same time. Then we started using Bootstrap and Flask on but encountered a few errors with CSS stylings or importing fonts. Due to our SQL experience being 0, another challenge was creating the Python webscraper and user information database (login and personal) being unable to connect it to Microsoft SQL server. Our webscraper was working and scraping information about flu vaccination rates from but our Azure server was unable to connect and we could not create a table.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of being able to showcase an idea of a pressing topic and making it a reality using code! We are also really proud of creating a website where we all contributed our unique backgrounds while teaching each other.

What we learned

From this hackathon, we all learned more about using Bootstrap and Flask to incorporate Python programs into a website, and we also learned how to use Bootstrap forms to create a smooth user experience in the Assess tab. While our Statistics page was not functional, we learned a little bit about SQL servers and how flexible they are with importing data, so we hope to learn more about them in the future.

What's next for VACCESS

In the future, we would like to improve upon our website and also create a mobile app. There is a model made using Figma on the homepage and someday we hope to be able to recreate it. We'd also like a website with a functioning embed of Google Data Studio, and be able to have surveys that update our database in real-time, because as of now our assessments do not send the responses anywhere. We would also like to make our website more interactive and dynamic with stylings or features like real-time data and posts from users.

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