Why does Vacay need to exist?

Have you ever gone on a vacation that you've planned yourself and ended up stressing out trying to fit all your objectives, desired destinations, and experiences into the time you've allotted? We have and we don't like it! We sought out to create a tool by which you can enter the places and experiences you want to have, and the tool will organize it so you can see it all!

What does Vacay do?

Vacay takes the date(s) and location of your trip and provides recommended attractions and location-based schedules so you're not going out of your way to cram it all in, and probably missing out. You can also make in-app purchases for hotels, flights, and tickets to events, and book real time UBER rides to each event. Finally, you can also save itineraries for future use by logging in through Twitter/Facebook!

What does the future hold?

The Vacay team will continue working with the integrated APIs to use them to their full potential. We'll also continue working on the website to make the UX even slicker. And, we intend to add a payments system to equip the site with full travel functionality.

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