VA Medical Scheduler Plus is a secure cloud-based application designed to provide the most intuitive and engaging user experience. Medical Scheduling Plus works just like your favorite consumer web sites. With minimal training, users – from VA staff to Veterans – can quickly engage with the Application thereby improving adaption and return on investments.

Our solution has five main components, each targeting a specific need for different user groups of VA.

  1. Medical Scheduler – A scheduling system that allows patients and providers to request, set up, and check their personal and medical profiles, and appointments through their mobile device or personal computer. The application will allow patients to specify the type of appointment, facility location, date and time, and other important information, which makes appointment scheduling easier and more convenient for VA patients and staff.

  2. User Management – An Application that allows users to capture data about patients and workload, maintain an audit trail and patient user statistics. It will also allow administrators to track facility performance based on specified metrics.

  3. Business Intelligence –The solution includes a robust real time reporting on information about patients and appointments. This allows providers to generate reports in various formats. This system will be customized to meet VA’s specific needs and requirements for an integrated scheduling system.

  4. Integration - Our solution will be one consolidated Medical Scheduling tool that will integrate with current production versions of VistA Applications, inter-facility scheduling, unscheduled CPRS consults and Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT) appointments, as well as link ancillary tests and activities with appointments.

  5. Mobile Component – To reach the broadest user base, a mobile app for iOS and Android will be included to allow users to manage their appointments on the go.

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