The VA/DG was born when four young developers found themselves incapable of divining a purposeful Hackathon project. This brought on a revelation that decision-making is life's only true obstacle, and with your destiny in the palm of your hand, anything is possible. The V.A.D.G. is the first Ruby on Rails application designed by this developer team.

How it works

The VA/DG is, in part, a social experiment. When users submit their choices to our database, their two options are stored in a table alongside all other choices that have ever been submitted to the V.A.D.G. The V.A.D.G. then carefully selects an appropriate destiny from the massive collection of inputs. Your future may very well already have been written...

Challenges we ran into

This was our very first Ruby on Rails application, that in itself was a huge challenge. It was also our very first development project where we worked and collaborated with other people with very different skill sets. Overall it was a very fun experience and we greatly treasure the weekend we spared to participate in this event.

What's next for VA/DG

The VA/DG has a mind of it's own, it will decide what comes next.

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