Following are the problems which we aim to solve: Vehicle personalization options are limited to driver related options only. Drive assist and self driving features are non-communicative with other vehicles and infrastructure. Increased number of vehicles on the road increases congestion and travel times, reduce fuel efficiency. Vehicle driver accountability is an ad hoc, inefficient and unreliable process.

What it does

V2X is a system which allows intercommunications between a vehicle and various other parts of the driving environment. We propose a framework which allows vehicles to communicate with Infrastructure, People and other Vehicles. This will solve various problems present with modern vehicles and will allow a much smoother, efficient and enjoyable drive. The solution uses several cutting edge technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning and Edge computing.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communications :

  • Allows convoy driving and shared audio.
  • Automatically maintains safe distance and reduces traffic delays by synchronizing movements

Vehicle to Infrastructure Communications :

  • Allows vehicles to communicate with traffic, road and public infrastructure such as traffic signals/lights, crosswalks, parking garages, street lights etc.
  • Automatically reduces speed when pedestrians detected
  • Automatically locates available parking in real time
  • Automatically adjust lights, steering and other driving features depending on visibility, weather and other factors
  • Automatically detect hazards on road beforehand

Vehicle to Person Communications :

  • Allows personalized vehicle experience not only for driver but also passenger
  • Allows real time detection of who is in vehicle
  • Automatically adjusts climate control, interior lighting, volume and other features depending on who is inside the vehicle (everyone)
  • Allows owners to lock vehicles to certain drivers or put in driving restrictions depending on the driver
  • Allows personalized insurance for each driver separately depending on who drives the vehicle and their aggregate behavior

How we built it

Google Cloud Platform

Challenges we ran into

Working across different time zone

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

CanBus is insecure and with the right tools, can be hacked.

What's next for V2X

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