We have been working on the first physical e-sport in vr for almost a year now. We do not believe that the current version of e-sports are real sports that consumers can identify as being similar to the nba or nfl. We have made our game pantheon a 5v5 moba that you can play on a vive, rift or Microsoft headset. We’ve now included a second screen experience, wherein players can watch their friends play this game, or any other game, on their mobile device. The player will automatically be dropped into the game, and now be surrounded in an AR version of that world.

What it does

It allows viewers to dynamically engage with people playing multiplayer games, and then eventually interact and affect the game they’re watching. We’ve integrated an asymmetric gameplay experience wherein people watching on their cell phones can now interact and play games with players in vr. We have an MVP completed that we can show all of these cool technologies. Viewers will use their iOS or android phones to watch other people play games. Think of it as a new way to watch twitch, but now you’re in the middle of the game. The video we are showcasing is of our creative director watching our team battle each other in VR. Everything is being recorded and shot from our IPhone using apples arkit. This can eventually be applied to tv and movies as well

How we built it

We are using unity, vuephoria, arcore, arkit, blender, c# and our liscenseable gameplay engine “ripple effect”

Challenges we ran into

Making the networking work, balancing the game between mobile and be users, making the esport fun, solving for Naseua in vr, creating stunning graphics that look good and translate to a mobile phone, and integrating mobile and desktop support

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’ve created one of the first cross platform games between vr and mobile. Everything you’re seeing on the video is shot by our cell phones. There is no post editing.

What we learned

That VR is very difficult and still has a long way to go.

What's next for V-sport second screen experience

Building our this experience as a full E sport that can be played in arenas, and also creating a plug in so that other game developers can leverage our mobile viewing experience. Here is a deck that goes over the whole v sport concept

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