Students have to go through many challenges due to this pandemic . Students are unable to know their progress as schools and colleges are closed. Here we felt the need for this android app , with only one moto delightful teaching for everyone. This project targets SGD 8 track.

What it does

We developed an android app with which the students can give their exam through online mode. Multiple choice question .Teachers only have to import excel sheet to create sets of questions and students have to just take the quiz .

How I built it

Our tech stack to build this project: Node.js – Of which our backend comprises. React Native – app built upon PostgreSQL – Primary Database Firebase - for push notification

Challenges I ran into

Problem related to global state management , Async tasks in redux was damn challenging. Also, it was a bit difficult for us to collaborate in a virtual setting but some how managed to finish the project on time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned a lot in this hackathon and successfully able to complete our project. Also those small project milestone which also boosted our confidence to complete the projects.

What I learned

Configuring push notifications with firebase was really a nice experience and deploying cloud to linux server.

What's next for V - SCHOOL

Will surely try to create a real classroom experience with AR/VR. Try to more simplify things which are challenging in online teaching environment like assignment management and test analytics. Moreover, a app is never complete without feedback from a teacher, It’ll we be our top most priority to turn things in which they are comfortable.

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