Last year we used a device called myo to allow users to play space invaders and pong by using hand gestures as the 'controllers'. This year, we carried on the theme of exploring how human interaction with computers will change in the future.

What it does

Its a 3 - dimensional IDE which incorporates mouseless interaction.

How I built it

We used an Oculus Rift and a Leap Motion device.We did everything in java. We used the JOGL library to communicate directly to an Oculus Rift. We also, used the jovr library to translate java into OpenGL. Thankfully the interaction between the leap motion device was also done in java.

Challenges I ran into

A LOT of challenges were overcome. First, the Oculus Rift demands a lot of graphical processing power. Out of three laptops we could only run it on a mac. Oculus has dropped all support for mac users which meant we could only run the Oculus on very old drivers. Hence, documentation was rather hard to come by. In addition to this, since we were running older drivers we could not take advantage of easier VR techniques such as WebVr. Hence, we were forced to use JOGL bindings to write directly to the oculus rift display and JOVR to read the IMU data from Oculus. Thus, we have completed a vr project in java!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think the most important thing is - we did it ! We've had this idea for a very long time and we ran into so many problems. At certain points it looked as if the idea was achievable and we would be left with partial bits of code . However, we never ever gave up and tried absolutely everything. To incorporate the leap motion as well, is an added bonus since it enhances the unique property of our project.

What I learned

Vr requires a lot of processing power and where there's a will there's a way ! Seriously, having to use the Oculus where there is no support and being forced to use technology we weren't used to was an absolute pain! But we regret nothing because we achieved an amazing product in the end.

What's next for V-De

V-de is a working concept that has the potential to redefine the relationship between humans and computers. So far it's and IDE for developers. Imagine if you could see the effects of your code whilst you are coding. All achievable in the Oculus. This would help greatly with designers - no more having to complie and refresh.

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