What it does

Caduceus is an AI-powered mental health discord bot to boost our self-esteem, help us cope up with stress, and recommend really cool activities to relax. It uses Vader Sentiment Analysis tool of the nltk library. The bot can be integrated with any community server to provide self-care support. This can be integrated with Google assistant to provide voice control for the bot. The bot promotes wellness and emotional hygiene through encouraging messages, gyphies, songs, short films, and more. The bot's joy box suggests you random books, songs, memes, jokes, tongue twisters in case you feel like having some me-time! It also gives you relationship advice, in case you feel like getting some. The bot does everything you would expect from a friend. Detecting your sentiments, it cheers you up, gives you compliments, inspires you, has fun with you, makes you fall asleep, gives you advice, and refers you to verified helplines if you have an suicidal thoughts.

How we built it

It is built mainly using Python. I used the Google Map API to find parks or museums nearby. Of course, the Discord API helps with finding keywords in the messages.

Challenges we ran into

I struggled a bit with the APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of how much we accomplished during this time frame.

What we learned

I learned to use APIs

What's next for V-Care

Use this link ( to try to add the bot to your Discord guild. (The bot is not currently always running on a server - coming soon!)

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