V-सक्रिय is a full-stack web application with a backend infrastructure built using the following technologies:

  • Node.js (JavaScript Runtime Environment)
  • Express.js (Web Framework for Node.js)
  • MongoDB (NoSQL Document-oriented Database)
  • OpenCV (Detect Objects)
  • Twilio (Cloud Communications Platform)
  • Microsoft Azure (Cloud Computing Platform)
  • GitHub Actions (CI/CD Workflow)
  • Kotlin (Mobile Application)

These technologies enable real-time communication with clients, store data in a scalable manner, and support deployment and management in the cloud.

The full stack web application includes a mobile Kotlin application, a dashboard, and a backend system:

  1. Mobile Kotlin Application: Utilizes APIs from the backend to provide a comprehensive solution for tracking and analyzing stolen cars for law enforcement. LINK
  2. Website Dashboard: A visual representation of the application's data and functionality. LINK
  3. Backend System: Built using Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Twilio, and Microsoft Azure, it provides the APIs for the mobile application to access and stores the data in a scalable and flexible manner. LINK

Special Track Prizes Integration

  • Best Postman Public Workspace: Link
  • Best Use Of API - Integrated self-hosted API on Microsoft Azure, Twilio, Appwrite & GitHub
  • Best Use Of Microsoft Cloud for your Community: Backend Link
  • Most Creative Use of Twilio: Integrated Twilio Service in GitGuard & Backend
  • Best Use of Appwrite: Inegrated in frontend. Link
  • Best Domain Name from GoDaddy: Link
  • Most Creative Use of GitHub: Created a GitGuard & used in GitHub Actions Workflow in backend.
  • Top 3 Projects uploaded on Peerlist: Link
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