UX Ubiquity is a patent-pending user-experience innovation for the smart watch.

The user-interface progression from laptop computer to tablet computer to smart phone to smart watch exhibits a linear trend: smaller interaction area, shorter interaction interval, greater interaction frequency. The progression also exhibits a "nonlinear" trend -- an "inflection point" -- at each threshold. For the laptop computer, it's the touch pad. For the tablet computer, it's the touch screen. For the smart phone, it's speech recognition. Each improvement solves the unique problems / addresses the unique opportunities of its inflection point. For the smart watch, the unique UX problem / opportunity is the variable proximity between the device location and the human interface. UX Ubiquity answers the unique requirements of the smart watch threshold.

UX Ubiquity solves the problem / addresses the opportunity with "adaptive intensity" -- by gradually adjusting various attributes of the user experience as proximity changes. Attributes that might change include image vs. text, image resolution, image opacity / transparency.

I'm forming a team that will reduce the invention to practice / build a proof of concept using an Android watch:

  • We'll need to build the "adaptive" functionality using Android gyroscope / accelerometer / magnetometer; we'll probably implement sensor fusion to integrate the various sensor inputs in real time

  • Ideally, we'll implement a solution without relying on a secondary device (smart phone)

  • We may also need / want to use machine learning to "train" the functionality for the physical dimensions / behavior of specific users

The invention emerged from a systematic innovation process (think "TRIZ") to explore the extension of a Web-based media player from the tablet / smart-phone platform to the smart-watch platform. I intend to commercialize UX Ubiquity by licensing it / distributing it to smart-watch vendors and applications. I have experience in the patenting and commercialization of Web technology.

If we accomplish the objective of reducing the invention to practice, I'm willing to share equity in the project with contributors. If we improve the invention in the process of reducing it to practice, I'm willing to name the contributors as co-inventors.

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posted an update

Seeking team members for smart watch UX project: Android (gyroscope / accelerometer / magnetometer), sensor fusion, machine learning. Will offer equity for proof of concept or substantial improvement of invention.

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