Using websites that you don't want people to see you using! #BringBackHentaiHaven.

You may be wondering how this encourages health - think about the uses! Imagine you're using an inappropriate website - many individuals across the United States suffer from anxiety, why cause unnecessary stress when de-stressing? Some individuals take it to the extreme and try to find privacy in showers, where they could slip and injure themselves, or die. Additionally, some individuals have parents who would be furious, leading to potential child abuse.

What it does

Hides a website you're using when multiple people are in the view of the camera

How I built it

Used OpenCV for image processing

Challenges I ran into

Gaze detection is apparently really difficult to implement and because of that I couldn't map iris position to coordinates on a computer screen to get an accurate depiction of who was looking at what, so I had to settle for just how many people were looking at the screen.

Image classifier doesn't work well on people with glasses or people who angle their faces away from the camera.

Webcam isn't great and I don't have a graphics card.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nothing really

What I learned


What's next for UwUndercover

Better hardware, better model, figure out a way to use gaze detection to see where users are looking at. I looked into trying to construct a vector from a user's iris position to see what direction they were looking at and using stereo matching to figure out how far they were from the camera and use those two data points to calculate where they were looking, but I couldn't really figure out how to make a vector that told me where the eyes were looking.

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