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The whole point of this project is to provide the best traditional home screen experience as possible for Windows 10 devices. Some people hate Live Tiles so this is an alternative for them. Also, apps load faster when opened with this launcher.

Need help or have questions? Contact me at colinkiama@hotmail.co.uk

Download the app here: https://github.com/colinkiama/UWP-App-Launcher/releases

Contributing and using code:

We would really appreciate it if you contribute! Even if your are a first time contributer, there is something in the issues tab for you to handle. If you have your own ideas, you can make your own issues and even complete them yourself. Start contributing here today!

More information about contributing to the project is here: How to contribute to the project and guidelines on reusing code

Here are a list of awesome features currently available:

  • Swipe right for Cortana (In case your wondering it's 100% inspired by swipe right for Google Now)
  • Add/change background image in settings
  • GIF Backgrounds
  • Animated Splash Screen

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