The Story

In today's classroom, our peers are an asset that many of us overlook. Class sizes just keep on growing and it's nearly impossible to communicate with such a large crowd of students. There are often times where you want to refresh your memory on a trivial concept, or want to double check what the professor wrote on the whiteboard, but you don't want to ask to prof and disturb the flow of the lesson. This is why we're introducing uwchat.me, a chat platform to help each student to utilize the full potential of their classmates. Now with a majority of students using their laptops and smartphones during class, they can login to uwchat.me to discuss their lecture with their friends and stay focused on what's really important: learning.

So Who?

Right now, we're targeting UWateloo students. We know that there is a lots of student at our University that are open to try new communication tools to improve their classroom experience. Once we are grow to a steady user base, we can understand how to improve our platform and grow to other campuses.

What can it do?

  • Import your Quest schedule to automatically connect with the people in the same lecture hall
  • Communicate via multiple channels: General chatbox, Serious chatbox, and a easy to use Q&A system.

Next Steps

  • Mobile platform - Not everyone wants to have their laptops on during class. Why not use your phone to stay in the loop instead?
  • Moderation - Let the class reps make sure that the chat stays clean and productive, minimize spam
  • LaTeX integration - Engineering and Math students would love to be able to share notes and relevant forumalas
  • Login through school Central Authentication System - Automatically place you in the right chatroom
  • Hush button - Noise level getting to high? Initiate a class-wide warning to quiet down
  • Photo and media integration - Share relevant media files (only on the casual chatbox)
  • Better UI/UX - A seamless user experience lets you focus on the class material without distracting you
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