Merrick was inspired to create an easy to access resource for seeing the cafeteria's menu, since he lives on residence and hase to deal with going to the univeristy's slow site to check.

What it does

The widget parses the website daily for the menu information. It should then display the information, but we ran into some complications.

How we built it

Merrick handled the website parsing which involved learning jsoup and its library. I worked in android studio to create and style the widget. We then attempted to join the two...

Challenges we ran into a challenge.

But we ran into a challenge. Our first challenge. The event had 6 Oculus rifts and a Muse, so we were interested in developing with those for our project. It took us several hours to realize it was not going to happen. Plus, nobody at the event had a GPU powerful enough to even run an Oculus. Our second challenge was that neither of us had any prior experience using Android Studio or making an android studio project. This made it extremely difficult to figure out how to link our two halves together. We spent many hours attempting to get the data to display on the widget.. to no avail.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to actually parse the site for the correct information, which was super neat. Also, we got lots of exposure to Android Studio, and have a slightly better idea of how app development works.

What we learned

We learned that projects for hackathons need to be on a small scale. You need to start your actual project right away, and have a good plan for how you're going to merge all of the team's work into the final project.

What's next for UVIC Goodies

I wish to redo the widget portion of the project, get the link down between the parsed data and the app, and then upload in to the play store.

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