Disposable gowns are worn by patients or by doctors over their own clothes or gowns. They are not recycled for hygienic reasons. Yet, in crisis situations like the one we are experiencing with critical shortage or in a future more responsible world, recycling them would make much more sense.


UVC disinfection is very effective in deactivating even the most resistant viruses. We make use of this property to built a safe cabin where UVC tubes, specifically designed by Phillips for disinfection, makes it possible to achieve the required dose for deactivating viruses, especially the coronavirus, in less than a minute (99%). A regulation circuit with very low thermal inertia adds a safe high temperature treatment.


The UVC_safecoat is housed in a safe tall cabinet with automated operation. The disinfection process starts when the cabin is closed and only when it is closed. It automatically stops when finished or when the cabin is opened. The timer warns the user of the end of the process.

What's next for UVC_safecoat

Two versions are envisioned: a single coat and a coat batch automated cabins. They look like small wardrobes with different depths. In the first one, the gown is hanged inside before closing the door so the complete UVC and heat disinfection process can automatically start. In the second one, the batch of gowns are hanged on a rail before closing the door so the gowns are automatically processed one after the other for complete UVC and heat processing.

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