IMAGINE SMART PHONE IN 2025 Mobile Consumers are curious about their Health. The reason why most of the Smart Phones have adopted various Health Tracking Apps. We have seen Pandemic like COVID-19 which has changed the way we think about technology. The un certainty created by this COVID-19 raised many questions and the industries, economies and societies are changing their habitat in wake of COVID-19 and future Pandemic which are already been predicted and is expected to hit our future. To cope with this problem a Pocket Device that can dis-infect the surface like hands face, desktops etc. are direly needed to protect people from future Pandemics and to provide peace of mind solution for mobile Phone consumer.
We need tools to destroy the Virus within our premises. Health Care facilities, Government buildings, corporate offices, Schools, Parks, Colleges, Churches, Cinemas and houses. There is a dire need for a device that should be added to our life style which may scan germs and disinfect them while the same time provide a Bio-chemical analysis of how many and which types of germs are present in a particular premises and how many are been disinfected. This device will not only kill the germs on that are on surface but also provide a technical specification of provision of germs, bacteria and virus to which our health care providers may respond well on time.. The obstacle implementing such devices among the masses? How it will be? We can find solution to people in Developed countries but situation worsen in the developing countries like People who are already in crises at Yemen, Rohingia Syria and many other.. I have an idea if we can immerse UV Germ Scanners and dis infectors into the Smart Phones of the future it will be widely accessible and people will definitely like Smart Phones which kills the germs on surface like Hands, Cloths Face & Desk tops. Below is a brief idea A. The Future Smart Phone. We have seen most advancement in Cell Phone technology Pre COVID-19 Scenario. Smart phones have adopted to help us in most of our communication, Business, Education and entertainment. Evolution in design and services addition is still on a rise. However the Post COVID-19 Cell phones must be a bit different in order to cope with such a like scenario. IMAGINE A SMART PHONE IN 2025:- Smart phones are evolving day by day. More advancement and inclusion are been added and expectations from future smart phones are also been expected by the consumers. Below are some of the futuristic Add-ons that POSTCOVID-19 Smart Phones will have:-

  1. A UV Germs scanner and disinfector. It is a must tool for all the future Smart Phones. Health care providers have advised regarding use of Smart phone as it is the second great carrier of COVID-19 (the first one are bank notes). We have seen a lot of Cameras present. There must be a UV scanner and disinfector which may scan surface like hand, cloths etc and will disinfect the surface. A Small Bar on the back side creating UV rays may be present with an App to control analyze and reports. There are three types of Ultra Violet Rays, UV-A, UV-B, UVC. The UV Disinfector Scanner in a future Mobile may use FAR UV which are not harmful for a human skin but dis infects 99% of Germs. It can be easily embedded into any type of Mobile Smart Phone.

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