Helping people with little knowledge of the German language to follow regional news and news about the coronavirus on TV by adding multilingual subtitles. In addition, our platform can give those people a better understanding of the local culture and customs.

What it does streams any broadcasts like news, documentaries etc. from TV-broadcasters and adds interactive subtitles. If a user doesn't understand a certain word, they can click on the subtitle and will see the translation - the service is currently available in 9 languages. Using helps immigrants to follow local news & topics easily and they can inform themselves independently. News about COVID-19 and the measures set by the government are crucial for everyone these days, so we are bringing this information to people who are still learning German.

And this is how works:

  • With people learn German while watching TV. The spoken word is displayed as a subtitle. You don’t understand a certain word? Just click on it to get the translation!
  • The following foreign languages are currently available: Arabic, English, Spanish, Dari/Farsi, French, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Italian, Romanian, Russian
  • Every word clicked on is saved and can be retrieved in the learning section. This way users learn individually what they do not understand.

How we built it

We built an app for Android smartphones as well as for the web and iOS devices. Our tech stack consists mainly of open source frameworks and technologies like node.js, TypeScript, MongoDB, Angular, Ionic, Express.

Challenges we ran into

  • Only two people knew each other before the hackathon, in the end we were a team of 7 people from two countries who worked as if they would have already been a team for a long time.
  • We had to overcome some technical challenges but in the end we found good solutions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We prepared the launch of our COVID-19 channel on the German market by integrating German broadcasters into our systems.

Previously to the hackathon we were already supported in Austria by:

  • the ministry of integration
  • the federal chancellery
  • and start with a cooperation with the social ministry of Austria.

What we learned

  • how working together in a virtual multi-generational and international team can be prolific
  • how we can use collaboration tools and platforms working together remotely
  • how working together with one goal in mind can set free great energy and positive spirit

What's next for - adding a multilingual component to daily news

  • Adding broadcasters from Germany to
  • Improving support for COVID-19 information within our platform
  • Improving translation quality using machine learning and other tools
  • Developing new functionality and improving user experience (UX)

What we did during the Hackathon

  • We collected contact data of institutions, associations, clubs, politicians and people who potentially have a great reach and who can help us to spread the word and promote the app after the official roll out in Germany.
  • We worked on integrating the "ARD Mediathek", improving the "NDR Mediathek" integration and are still working on one for the "ZDF Mediathek".
  • We worked on a redesign of the website.
  • We worked on machine learning algorithms with the support of a mentor to be able to improve the user experience and add new functionality to our platform in the future.
  • We wrote a tool for converting XML subtitle files to the VTT format, which is now open source: ebu-tt2vtt-js
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