Wanted to take all the functions we wished a certain video player had and implement it..... for free

What it does

Stops........... undesirable code and video from executing and playing from a popular video hosting site amongst implementing other desirable features. Such as ability to play content locally.

How we built it

Passion and sweat and no sleep.

Challenges we ran into

The video hosting site wasnt easily conducive to the features our hack was trying to accomplish. Seems the site deliberately was trying to combat hacks such as ours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The clean UX and just the fact that we finished the features we wanted to implement in time.

What we learned

Nothing goes as planned.

What's next for Utube Black

More features for a better experience. Allowing videos to play in the background is the next feature, as well as while mobile devices are locked.

Built With

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