We decided to build Utter in 2020 when we realized that Twitter's open API makes the perfect tool to leverage social media content and turn it into a game that can be played alone, with a group, in person, or virtually!

Utter harnesses the power of Twitters API v2 to take tweets and turn them into Trivia questions, personalizing game night.

We started by building the product in house, recently we have worked on rebooting the product to make a more polished UX, for this we contracted with an outside designer to help us get the job done.

The biggest challenge so far is finding excellent developers to polish our code and create further iterations of the product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of is the feedback that we get anytime we host a game night. Making people laugh and have a great time is an amazing reward in itself.

We have learned a lot from this experience. Some of the big learning points:

  1. Knowing when to look for outside help to finish a product.
  2. What to look for when trying to find a trustworthy developer.
  3. What to prioritize when everything seems equally important.

What's next for Utter.fun?

We will be creating new games and continuing to polish our websites UX. We will also be developing Utter for mobile in the future. Big things ahead!

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