When you are on a business trip or traveling in other cities, too many times will you need to flip out your smartphone and search for places or directions or requesting public transportation. This APP attempts to solve just this problem, where we integrated Uber ride API into an itinerary so that the user could access their entire trip at a glance and travel without hassle!

What it does

It is first and foremost an itinerary management application that lists your trips clearly and concisely. What makes it stand out is that it tracks all your events and location through out the day and has shortcut to help you reach your next destination in just one click.

How I built it

With sleep and intellectual deprivation.

Special thanks: Official documents, MDN Developer, Google, Stack Overflow.

Challenges I ran into

  • Inexperience with React and overall full stack web dev experience
  • Lack of clear Uber API documentation and/or demo
  • Divergence between teammates over design/implementation

What I learned

  • How to use third party APIs
  • Overall web development

What's next for Utinerary

More professional feature for itinerary management for business use. Integrate Uber Business API.

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