I wanted to use tools already readily available to create a template for cloud monitoring using Codebuild, CloudWatch, the S3 environment and the CodePipeline tools.

What it does

I ended up sort of doing that but had a few access key or IAM pairs errors. I am now able though to create custom objects and pairs for the dashboard I made and monitor different network related metrics as well as pair objects for inventory management.

How I built it

I used the dev environment on the Amazon cloud and most of it in the beginning was sort of walkthrough, but then I found out how to connect it with PowerShell or export templates using Node.js.

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to originally create a full on ChatBot but I didn't have access to Amazon Web Services. I been trying to get access to Amazon Lex in my region for few month and I finally created a student account. Once I had a student account, I started creating my bot but when I wanted to deploy it, the account permissions for students don't let you. I finally got a card in order to get a real account hoping I won't get charged but didn't have full Lex access in my region, so I decided to mess around with Lambada instead and decided on this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud I build a platform I can sort of use to automate processes or monitor some IOT devices later on, but I am still a newb to this Amazon environment and once I have a full account, have a lot to work with.

What I learned

I learned more about Amazon's Elastic & S3 environment

What's next for Utilizing Lambada Microservices w/ Cloud Monitoring

Created automated processes for it, custom policies, and working with the even logs and role logic for it

Built With

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