This solution was first conceived while I was on assignment at a compressor station in Carlsbad, NM. I was discussing the inevitable transition to a low-carbon economy with a Site Operations Manager who did not believe it was feasible to reduce oil and gas dependency and was worried about future job availability. This concern was further echoed by a friend whose job is manufacturing valves for various clients in predominately the oil and gas industry. Likewise, members of our team have been affected by the volatile job market that surrounds the oil and gas industry.

We sought to address those concerns and provide opportunities for the existing and experienced workforce that may not realize the transferability of their skillsets. Additionally, we wanted to begin staffing high-level skill and trade skill positions in the energy transition domain where possible outside the usual weatherization, energy efficiency, and solar panel installation job realms.

Supplying a capable workforce along with manufacturing capabilities propels the City of Houston as a premier location for companies and investments to establish and maintain prolonged presence. Oftentimes, R&D is the main objective when it comes to energy innovation, but just as important is having a reliable manufacturing component. In addition, this solution promotes engagement with previously unrecognized talent pools and the possibility of economic advancement for those communities.

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