We always try to automate common day today activities which are repeatative in nature to save the time.

What it does

Liquibase is a tool which used to deploy database release changes. Liquibase has a predefined XML file format for each type of database object. For a developer its a challenge to create these scripts manually and takes significant time.The utility will reduce the time from 3-4 minutes per script to 30-40 seconds over for 130 objects release we can save 3+ hours.

How I built it

I myself faced the time challenge in script generation so build a tool using Visual Basic.

Challenges I ran into

Not much

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Many of the Finastra team mates are using this tool and they are very happy and look at the utility as a life saver.

What I learned

Learned the end to end functionality of Liquibase tool which was new to me.

What's next for UTILITY TOOL

Currently its a desktop base application. We will be enhancing the utility to work as web based portal so that everyone can access it from around the globe within my company and start using the same.

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