UTESTED by @NavaneethD and @VincentH


This project was inspired by all the websites that helps people with COVID.

What it does

This Project includes the website, which helps you find out if you have COVID or not, and this project includes a python program, which uses selenium to locate your nearest testing center.

How we built it

This project is built using Python, HTML, Javascript, CSS.

Challenges we ran into

During this challenge, we ran into multiple challenges including webscraping and Javascript because we usually do python.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the python test finder, which can open the browser, find the google maps and scrape the hospitals off of google maps.

What we learned

During this project, we learned more web development as well as python.

What's next for UTested

After this submission, UTESTED will continue to improve the services and a more accurate diagnostic.

Make sure to download Selenium Webdriver, Chromium Webdriver and make the path the location of Chromium Webdriver. Also, put the py file in the same place as the Chromiumwebdriver.exe

The phone numbers and contact info are not real

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