Pre-med, comp sci, engineering... Two universities, one high-school... Despite the disparity in our environments and goals, all of us struggle with the same problem: time management. After extensive research, we came across a paper highlighting the benefits of taking relaxation breaks on health, performance and well being. We decided to create a simple, yet beautiful, Chrome extension that creates a study schedule for us to most efficiently utilize our time while reminding us to be mindful of our health.

What it does

Our Chrome extension is centered around the Swedish lifestyle of “lagom” (pronounced law-gum): a word that means “not too little, not too much”. We hope our users will be able to find a balance between work, play, and relaxation by utilizing our three main modes:

-Focus: This mode allows the user to (blacklist) block certain websites on the Chrome browser for a user-chosen period of time. ​

-Break: After each Focus period, the user will enter a Break period where any websites can be accessed for a user-chosen period.

-Unplug: This feature will prohibit the user from accessing any websites on Chrome for a certain period of time. It is suggested that the user utilize this time to get up, move around, and relax.

How we built it

This Chrome extension was built using JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, Chrome API, HTML5, and CSS3. All artwork was created onsite by the team.

Challenges we ran into

We are complete newbies--this is our first Hackathon, and we had almost no prior experience with any of the languages we used. The biggest problem we encountered was getting familiar with JavaScript and debugging it--it’s a pretty nasty language to work with! Digging through the Chrome API and learning about it was a struggle as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a novice all-female hacking team, this is the fist complete project we have made on our own without any skeleton or guidelines. We can use JavaScript/JSON, jQuery/Chrome API, and HTML5/CSS3 now, which is quite an accomplishment!

What we learned

We had almost no prior experience with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JSON, digital art, Chrome extensions, or web design. In 24 hours, we learned the ins and outs of JavaScript and Chrome app development. In addition, we honed soft skills such as applying research towards problem solving and working cohesively as a team.

What's next for Lagom

Lagom is already available on the Chrome Store! We hope to be able to further streamline the user experience and possibly create versions of our application for mobile, desktop, and other browsers. Keeping in line with the meaning of “lagom”, we hope to keep this a simple, yet effective, application.

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