Many immigrants come to a foreign country not knowing their surroundings and how things work. So we decided to make an app that helps them adjust to their new surrounding.

What it does

U.S. Welcome is an app that uses geotags to describe an object and how it works. When the user uses U.S. Welcome app's camera to point to an object a geotag will appear describing what the object is.

How we built it

We used an open source project on GitHub which gives you the necessary files to implement Augmented Reality (AR), Augmented Layer and the Transformation Manager which are the main classes needed to replicate AR technology. The camera overlay gives you the camera layer which instantiates a video capture session. While the Augmented Layer gives you the UIView Objects which you can present in the video capture session. The Transformation Manager helps you track the motion of the device using the accelerometer and helps tracks points (coordinates) by using the Vector classes.

Challenges we ran into

We changed our idea many times because we discovered that it was too hard to build within the time constraints. Coming up with an idea that we thought would be helpful for the immigrant community and also completing this idea was very challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally coming up with a well thought out idea that actually worked.

What we learned

We learned more about Augmented Reality and geotagging. We also learned how to code 3D vectors.

What's next for USWelcome

As of right now users are not able to add their own geotags. But in the future we want to enable users to add their geotags. Currently we only have geotags that is available for one subway but as we continue developing we will add more locations that have geotags. Eventually we want to have geotags all over the United States. We also want users to add their own geotags.

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