What is it?

USVR is a website that allows you to explore different points of interest in the united states. This includes Time Square, Cloud Gate and more.

Check it out here.

Open source

With USVR being opene souce, anybody could recreate the website and add their own locations. All assest and code are include.

How to use?

  • Create an account with Sketchfab
  • Upload the 3D map provided in the 3d_models folder.
  • Add Annotations to your locations you want to include. (Note: Sketchfab only allows up to 5 annotations in a single scene if you are a free user.)
  • Add your scene ID to app/templates/index.html at line 11
  • Now your scene should render.

360 images

  • You could find 360 images of your location you want to add by visiting streetviewdownload

Built With

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