Reverse iSpy - who would not want to play? Besides, the phone knows way more words than you do, and this will be an opportunity to expand your vocabulary. Plus, it is just another reason to connect and use your phone more ;)

What it does

The phone provides you with three "tags" or descriptors for an image. You then upload an image from your phone gallery you believe fits these descriptors. Once uploaded, the Clarafai API generates tags corresponding to your image, which are then compared to tags you were given. A score is calculated accordingly, based on number of matches. Wolfram developer environment is used to generate the random words for tags (adjectives and nouns used only).

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Many. The life of a beginner! Using swift was a pain, for syntax and even in terms of ensuring a "clean layout". Additional challenges is the complexity of words generated from wolfram, which realistically makes this game fairly hard. We could not add a feature that took control of camera directly (and had to resort to upload an image option instead). We were unable to test the app on our phone using our camera and photo gallery, hence, we do not know how easy/hard the game is, as only the images available with Clarafai's api's where used (very limited). Additionally, tag loading is SUPER slow.. and we could not figure out a way to speed it up.

P.S My computer took 5 hours to upgrade.. the waiting game was tough too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our first iOS app! Lots of head-banging, but we are still sane. Learned a completely new environment, and though not an expert yet, but more experienced then when we came in. Learning wolfram api and connecting it and clarafai API to our app made us proud (also first time working with APIs!).

What I learned

Lots. Including sleeping in uncomfortable positions. But on a more serious note, learned what is involved in building an app and how to incorporate APIs to make more functional and useful apps.

What's next for uSpy

Well, it'll be great to improve its functionality and make it work faster, look prettier and more visually appealing, and add a snap-chat like camera interface (instead of upload an image icon).

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