A much required refinement of university society events management system in place.

What it does

Allows university societies to register events for the students, university and locals to view.

How we built it

Using web-based technology such as PHP, javascript and HTML/CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Various challenges implementing Google Maps API. Finding a interdisciplinary solution to improve city life that was not already available and one that is unique.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing a complete solution within the time-frame given. Working cooperatively as a team. Creating a feasible solution to solve a real world problem.

What we learned

Gained further knowledge of the external libraries and APIs. To start simple and build up. Moreover, to define realistic goals that when complete, motivate the team to add further functions.

What's next for USocials

A mobile app for both iOS and Android. Spreading to universities across the country.

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