As a medical student, I was inspired to create an Alexa experience that helps medical students prepare for their board and shelf exams. My main inspiration was to help users make use of their down-time, such as when doing chores around the house, or during their daily commute.

What it does

Learn, reference, and master the high yield medical facts of all FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs, practice real-exam type board questions and case studies for the USMLE, and watch medical videos to learn and review common techniques and procedures.

USMLE Board Review is a multi-modal experience with many different ways to learn and absorb medical information. The skill makes use of Alexa-Presentation-Language (APL) to display medical videos of high yield information. It also tests the user using interactive case studies in which the user is presented with a case scenario followed by a question to test their knowledge. Free users have the ability to go through case studies and questions, and provided with the correct answer choice to their question, but explanations are reserved for users that are subscribed to Members Only Access (ISP). Explanations provide users with a full explanation to the case study and answer choices. Along with relevant medical information pertaining to all the answer choices given. In addition, high yield information and "must-knows" are outlined in the explanation. This provides users with a valuable experience and a compelling reason to make an In-Skill-Purchase.

Who is it for

USMLE Board Review was built for medical students, physician's assistants, practicing physicians (as a way for continuing medical education) (CME), graduate students in Biomedical Sciences and Allopathic Health, nursing students, chiropractic students, and physical therapists. USMLE Board Review aims to provide high yield must know information, in order to make better health professionals everywhere.

How I built it

I built the skill using Voiceflow, Airtable, and Adobe.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned a lot about APL through the process of creating this skill. I was excited to be able to use it within my skill.

ISP Experience

Members Only Content (subscription purchase) unlocks unlimited case studies to over 3,000 case studies, along with premium explanations, unlimited full videos, and access to over 2000 commonly prescribed drugs! With this purchase, you can master topics in preparation for your board exams, USMLE step examinations, or as a reference in your medical practice!

What's next for USMLE Board Review

My plans are to offer USMLE Board Review in multiple languages across every region that Alexa is offered. I also plan to add exciting new content as APL continues to be developed such as 3D interactive anatomy modeling and much more. I also plan to include personalized subjects based on user's performance, user ranking and competitions, and subject based testing.

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