Present school sites and districts are in need of enhanced security. Present camera systems lack the capability to see all areas of a building (blind spots), no two-way communications between other users and a main platform, and the ability to scan people who enter the building for safety reasons. EduGlasses would like to develop a security platform along with individual applications using the Epson Glasses. The functionality of the Moverio would allow users to not only record what they are seeing but also stream real-time video to the Principal of the school or District leader. The Moverios would allow users to go into locations that present camera systems are unable to see. The user would be able to monitor hallway traffic and investigate potential security threats such as lockers and other areas of investigation.
In an emergency, the user would be able to send a message to the main platform along with all other Moverio users communicating an emergency. People on the platform would be able to communicate to the Moverio user along with seeing real-time video. This would also be recorded for later analysis. For anyone entering the building, the Moverio could be used to scan a person identification along giving a live feed to the main office for further approval. This solution would also perform better than having a camera system on a person’s uniform which would lack any two-way communications.
We would use the money to start programming and testing the capabilities of the Moverio.

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