There are several situations under which drivers would be difficult to correctly recognize signal lights and discern pedestrians and bicyclists. For example, snow-blanketed LED traffic signal (Figure a), Bright Sun While Driving (Figure b), driving in heavy rain (Figure c), etc. Many accidents, involving cars, pedestrians or bicycles, have happened due to these unusual weather conditions. DSRC has robust characteristics in radio communication and strong performance during adverse weather conditions. When signal lights could be hardly discerned by human eyes, DSRC can help send signal-light messages to drivers waiting or approaching intersections. In situations when it is difficult for a driver to recognize pedestrians or bicyclists, DSRC can also send warning messages to the driver when pedestrians or bicyclists are detected. In this way, conflicts between cars and pedestrians or bicyclists would be greatly avoided. References [1] Source: [2] Source: [3] Source:

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