Story Mapping is a Ideation exercise among software teams to figure out what to build in their product. Now that most companies are going remote and it is not possible to Ideate on a whiteboard. Some teams use canvas like Miro for Story Mapping. Story mapping addons for Jira as also very popular.

We wanted to bring this experience to users.

What it does

You can visualize your user's journey and identify features that are most important to creating a great customer experience. A Story Map combines user personas, goals, activities and stories into a visual map. This makes it easy to decide what should be built in a Minimum Viable Product and helps in creating the future roadmap for Product Teams.

How I built it

We built this in Angular

Challenges I ran into

The layout algorithm was challenging. We found an opensource library for mindmapping layout and used svg.js for rendering the connecting lines.

People who are used to the more traditional story mapping layout on a whiteboard took time to adjust to this tree view. But once they compared it with other story mapping tools, they realized the benefit of mapping out multiple personas, goals and features on a single map instead of maintaining multiple story maps for each persona.

What I learned

How to do user research and solve an existing problem in different way.

What's next for User Story Mapping in

  • We want to see how users use this and create a roadmap to make it more useful

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