Project by: Solomon [33], Andrea [28]


Wattpad does not allow the following:

  • highlighting of text in their DOM
  • general copy and paste
  • download functionality

What it does

  • add download functionality to websites to cater to the user base who would like to keep a copy of the books offline

How I built it

Decided to go with user-script since a standalone server using puppeteer or similar headless- browser would be too CPU intensive and a full stack would take too much time for a 24 hours hackathon

Challenges I ran into and What I learned

  • Wattpad is build on React, which does not conform to several elements of vanilla javascript. such as $(document).ready().
  • variables from document in current window are lost once window.location.href is triggered

Learnt much about the little quirks in JavaScript and how it interacts with React

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