Very few organizations have team level estimation and actual data for their engineering items. This is the experience gained from working at the helm of engineering organizations, supporting early-stage proposals and bids. The early-stage estimates are rarely collated against the team estimates or actual efforts

We noticed an opportunity to build an Estimation & performance tracking platform based on engineering components thereby helping teams to manage themselves better. alt text The knowledge base of estimates acts as feed into early-stage estimates, performance and utilization tracking

What it does

USeP supports the following features

  • Empowers teams, to manage their estimates and performance thereby ensuring on time and on budget
  • Convert User Stories into manageable standard tasks using Natural Language Processing
  • USeP predicts estimates at a task level which is termed as USeP Estimates using Machine Learning
  • USeP Aggregates efforts at a User Story thereby helping the team to manage cost and effort that goes into building the User Story.
  • Project Managers can be guided by the USeP Estimate and make commercial decisions
  • Facilitates the PM to override the USeP to commit to an estimate
  • Tracks estimate to closure
  • Collects information as to how happy the developer was in performing the tasks
  • Provides team level metrics on performance and how much to go

How we built it

The problem of converting a User story to tasks was provided by our teaming partner. A banking customer of our partner needed this problem to be solved in order to track the performance of the team. Kornerstone Analytics with its expertise on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) embarked on the problem We were supported by Raghu Pasupathy, a professor from Purdue, USA to help in NLP and attribute identifications Anita Robin, a data scientist from Kornerstone Analytics, built the model under the guidance of Professor. We worked closely with Amrut Software to build the plugin, using the connect framework Akshay and Sushanth teamed to form the BE and FE pair, while Siddharth worked as the technical lead to ensure the environment, tools, and technology were available.

Challenges we ran into

Building USeP Jira plugin has its share of challenges and wins. The founding team is strong, experienced and hence met the challenges halfway

  • Finances to a bootstrapped project are the first challenge. The development was slow due to this limitation. This had an impact on the team size and mode of operation.
  • Contracting was our preferred mode of development most of the time. Continuity and ensuring quality was a challenge in this mode of operation
  • Developing workflow operation screens, iframe sizing issues,
  • Authorization and JWT token exchange for the connect app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • USeP platform was adjudged one of the best in a Crowdsourcing event conducted by Catapoolt, in the Eastern region, India
  • The founder of Kornerstone Analytics was chosen to participate in the exchange program supported by RERISE & Innovation Birmingham's TECH 10 program during an event, held at WTC Mumbai. Kornerstone Analytics represented by Bharathi Vasanthakrishna was adjudged Woman startup of the Year at the Aeonian event,
  • We are recipients of an Idea to POC Grant from the Government of Karnataka, India

What we learned

  1. Keeping the team together is paramount, and under all odds carry on
  2. Clarity of communication and display the passion at all times
  3. Small wins ensure enthusiasm within teams. 4.Balance Business needs and technology. Don't allow one to override the other
  4. Customer feedback at all times keeps the idea moving

What's next for USeP - Jira Plugin (USer Story to effort Predictor)

  • Ensuring that the USep Plugin reached a user base of 10,000 users by the year-end.
  • Application of the USer feedback to make the Plugin and the Jira environment popular among teams
  • Providing necessary messaging and analytics as a part of the Jira analytics so that the user draws benefits with the use of this data
  • Currently, the USeP Jiraplugin includes what is called ‘the happiness quotient’ of the user when He completes the task. Expanding on this to understand the mood-related aspects and its impact on teams

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