The main reason why people do not commit to recycling is that it's not easy. With how the waste is classified, the time it takes and, without knowing where to recycle, it makes even the most enthusiastic person demotivated. These are the reasons why created UseMe. The majority of people find the recycling process bothersome and confusing, which is where we focused, on making it easier. If each person were to use our app, those recycled waste will add up to make a lasting impact.

What it does

UseMe helps the user to classify waste and directs the user to the nearest recycling point based on the waste classification. UseMe also has a feature that displays the air quality of the surrounding recycling points which helps to better understand the benefits of recycling vs burning waste in landfills. The app also shows the Air Quality of the surrounding so that the users know if the air outside is good or not and they should go out right now based on the Air Quality.

How we built it

We built the app using using Flutter a cross platform SDK. We used Google Maps SDK and Google Places API to integrates map in the app. The app uses Breezometer API to show Air Quality Index Data of the place.

Challenges we ran into

We had to integrate Google Maps in our app and it was a huge challenge as it is quite a advanced thing and we are beginners but we were able to do it. Time was quite frankly a huge issue considering we had so many ideas for features we wanted to implement Coordination was also another issue because during the daytime on the weekend my we had certain commitments so we accomplished the majority of our tasks late in the night or early morning We also had many issues transferring data, as often many APIs we found originally were not working. Finding working APIs was one of the biggest issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a fully functional and useful application. It is ready to made as a product and a idea that can very much help reduce the waste pollution. We had never made such app in the past and the fact that we were able complete it in such a small time is even great.

What we learned

We learned teamwork and coordination. As we had to work together and this is a very useful and impotant skill. We also learned more about app developement and new techniques due to which we are now more confident in our abilities and make more apps. We now also have more understanding in the concept of even general programming.

What's next for UseMe

As UseMe application is fully functional on android, we look forward to adding support to web and other platforms. The app can also be released to use throughout the world and that can help in the world's problem of waste management.

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